5 Amazing Arts And Crafts Gift Ideas for Creative Kids

In today’s post, we’ll break down the best arts and crafts products and gifts for children of all ages, from top art supplies to keep on hand, to full-on craft kits and even art boxes for a subscription. These are some of our favourite gifts because they inspire open-ended imagination, self-expression, and even fine motor skills… and best of all, most can be completed individually, producing some wonderful activity for quiet time. We’ve done comprehensive product testing so you can rest assured that all of the products we feature are those that will not only get your approval seal but more significantly, will also get 2 big thumbs up from your kids.

So whether you’re simply looking to stock up a craft zone, or ignite the creative creativity of your kid, we’ve got you covered with the best art and craft supplies and ideas for gifts:

1- Colour Changing Markers:

  These interactive markers make kids go ballistic. Like a standard marker, they can be used to draw and paint, but then magically turned using the magic wand marker into another colour ink. As it includes 2 magic wands, we love this collection, and the colour changes are crisp and intense.

2- Playdoh 10-Pack:

 We hope by buying this Playdoh 10-pack, you get to refill your stock so that you still have a handy one of these when bad weather hits. While there are a lot of great Playdoh sets on the market, we think the best open-ended play is with a quality collection of Playdoh tools (this 5-piece starter set or both of these wooden dough tools are stellar) that can cut, shape, sculpt and flatten the dough into anything your child imagines.

3- Glue Sticks:

 How many times have you gone to start a craft, only to find all our glue sticks dried up and unusable? The trick is to stock up (and still keep a stick or two in hiding so that not all of them can be exposed to a missing top!). This Washable Glue Stick for Early Learners is one of the best-it is simple for kids to open/close the cap independently, is washable, non-toxic and does not roll away thanks to the triangular shape.   It even goes on purple (but dries clear), so it’s ideal to see where the glue has already been used.

4- Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel:

Young artists love getting their workspace to scribble or draw material from their hearts. Our top performer that is jam-packed with functions is this deluxe easel from Melissa & Doug. It includes 2 separate sides: a chalkboard and a dry erase board, which allows it to be used at a time by more than one child. Also, the chalkboard is magnetic, which separates it from the competition, since it offers a whole different way to play (and even letter and number magnets are included).

5- Three Tier Rolling Storage Cart:

Ever look at all the art supplies and wonder “Where am I going to put all these new materials?”. This is why you need the 3-Tier Metal Rolling Storage Cart. We found that this storage unit is good for papers, colouring books and larger supplies because of the big baskets, and the smaller bins on the sides help hold markers, paintbrushes, glue, etc. neatly organized. You may easily wheel it to the preferred work area of your child with 4 castors, and then store it out of the way when the craft time is done. This cart will make a very special gift loaded up to the brim with supplies for children who love to craft!

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