The Best 5 Cars for Busy, Working Moms For Your Winter Trips

Back in the day before the current SUV craze kicked in, moms drove massive station wagons with soft marshmallow suspensions and drab interiors.  Fortunately, car manufactures have recognized the importance of the soccer mum segment and have made great strides in making better cars that appeal to this lucrative target market.

Your car is your lifeline while you are working and parenting. You need a great vehicle that while meeting your business needs; will get you from point A to point B. But what is the right choice for a busy mom and career woman with so many brands and choices available?

There are a couple of things to remember when it comes to selecting the right vehicle. Functionality is important, something that meets the specifications, like seating, storage and any personal preferences (i.e. colour, leather vs. cloth upholstery, etc.)

Here is our list of 5 Cars for busy mothers:

1- Honda Civic

Some people just want a car that is simple, reliable, budget-friendly, and the Honda Civic is almost always a great choice. The Honda Civic is large enough to fit a family of four and compact enough to get great fuel economy—but the strongest point of the Civic is that it is so reliable that chances of it letting you down are next to none. Provided you follow the prescribed service plan, your Civic will be reliable family companion, so reliable that 16 years later you will find yourself  teaching your kids to drive in that very same Civic.

2- Toyota Prius

The charms of the Prius go beyond its do-gooder picture of the environment—this is a practical 5-door hatchback that provides all the space and practicality that busy mothers need in their vehicles. And yes, it’s fantastic for the environment—in mixed driving, the newly revamped Prius comfortably handles 48 MPG, so it uses just half the fuel of a conventional mid-size sedan and nearly one-third as much as an SUV or minivan. For Mother Earth, that’s fine. And the fact that the price tag of the Prius is equivalent to other mid-size cars makes it ideal for the budget of mothers.

3- Chrysler Town and Country

For moms on the go, minivans are the logical choice.  They are highly multifunctional, especially if you have more than one child. They are great for business trips with colleagues or picking up countless customers from the airport. This is why we recommend the Chrysler Town and Country; it includes an entertainment system, roof rack, reverse camera, power side doors and tailgate, and seven-passenger seating: It is also a very appealing fuel efficiency model with sleek lines and an aerodynamic style.

4- Tesla Model X

When you think of a family car, Tesla may not be the first brand that comes to mind, but the Model X suits the bill, particularly for eco-conscious moms. This Tesla is a fully electric vehicle. It seats seven and has a range of 325 miles. The all-wheel-drive makes it easy to drive in all road conditions because there is no engine, there’s trunk room in both the back and front of the vehicle. The falcon wings will certainly be loved by kids, and moms will appreciate that they make it easier to get everyone in and out.

5- GMC Acadia

Thanks to a large cabin and attention to detail, the GMC Acadia makes a completing case to be on the list. It offers a sleek, sporty exterior that looks fantastic, and inside, up to seven passengers ride in comfort. The second row’s smart slide seats make it easy to get into the third row and the traction selection system ensures you have the optimal handling possible in different road conditions. The Acadia can tow up to 4,000 pounds, which is ideal for towing a camper or small boat on family trips.

Finding the right car for mom is very important as she will be carrying precious cargo and needs all the space and comfort. It is definitely important to do the right research and find the perfect fit for you. But the most important thing is to have someone to go with you and check the car, it can be a member of the family or a car a repairing technician.
Also, do some test driving and see if your family will be happy in the car before you buy it.